Donate to a Mast Cell Activation Syndrome or Tick-Borne Disease Foundation today.

Do you feel lead to make a donation that can help change the lives of patients with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and Tick-borne Disease? If so, here are a few non-profit foundations that we recommend checking out.

1. The Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation.

The Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation will carry on Alex’s wishes of helping those who cannot fight for themselves by help individuals receive proper testing who might not otherwise have the resources available to them. The foundation also works to fundraise for research aimed at Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

2. Super T’s Mast Cell Foundation.

Super T’s Mast Cell Foundation, is a resource for patients suffering with Mast Cell Disease that provide grant giving program offered twice a year. STMCF is the only foundation globally providing financial support along with physician created resources provided to patients diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease.

3. Mast Cell Hope

The Mission of Mast Cell Hope, Inc. is to advance research to find new treatments and ultimately cures for Mast Cell Diseases and to educate care providers on treating Mast Cell Disease. Mast Cell Hope is looking to advance frontline research into exploration of new ideas underlying the root cause of mast cell diseases. Their goal is to help patients by encouraging physicians, nurses and staff to understand Mast Cell Diseases, and to support researchers in identifying new treatment modalities.

4. Mast Cell Action (U.K Based)

Mast Cell Action has been set up to support patients, raise awareness of this disease and work with the medical community to improve diagnosis and treatment in the UK.

5. Alpha-Gal Information

Help fund efforts to develop treatments with a donation to the Alpha-gal Allergy Research Fund.

6. Lyme-TAP

Lyme-TAP provides patient assistance for initial Lyme-related lab tests to patients who are in true financial need.

7. Liv Lyme Foundation

LivLyme Foundation raises money for children who cannot afford their Lyme medication. They also fund research to try to find a cure for Lyme disease.